Corona restrictions when visiting us

What you need to know before you visit us

The world is almost back to normal again but there are still a few restrictions which you need to consider before visiting us.


Indoor seating:

  • You need to book a seat before visiting us

  • You need to provide a corona passport* if you are above 15 years of age;

    • With a negative test result and not more than 72 hours old

    • That you have been infected with corona 2-12 weeks ago

    • Or that you have finished your vaccination

  • Remember to bring a valid ID  

  • Remember to wear mask whenever you stand up

  • Keep distance, be considerate towards other guests and sanitize your hands regularly

  • Stay at home if you are having symptoms regardless of your test result


Outdoor seating:

No restrictions applies. No need of a passport, mask or booking

Remember though to keep distance and sanitize your hands. And again stay at home if you are having any symptoms

How many people are allowed in a group?

From 21st of April until 6th of May:

Maximum 10 people in a group when you are dining indoor

When seated outside you are allowed to be 50 people

We will certainly organize seating indoor and outdoor with the required distance


*What is a corona passport?

It’s not an actual passport, but an overview of your test results and your vaccinations. You can access your passport by using the app “MinSundhed” which can be downloaded in your App store or Google play.


If you don’t have access to the app:

– You can find all information at from where you can download and print the required documents and bring them with     you.

– You can also have proof of your final vaccination sent by mail.

   Any further questions regarding your corona passport can be answered by calling the corona hotline 70200233.


That’s all we have to say and we look forward to seeing you all again!